Comments Policy

I’ve now posted a couple of posts on controversial topics. Though I have not yet seen any comments that would violate my comments policy (that was until now unwritten), I think I should put a policy out there to make it official.

  • Comments will be moderated.
  • Comments should be kept respectful. This blog should be a safe space for people to comment, disagree, and argue in a friendly (or alt least respectful) manner.
  • Comments that appear to be spam will be deleted. I will be the sole decider as to whether a comment appears to be spam.
  • Comments that I consider hate speech, abusive, or personal attack will be deleted. I will be the sole decider as to whether a comment is hate speech or personal attack.
  • I will not use whether I agree or disagree with a comment as the basis for my approval or deletion of them.
  • I will not fact-check comments on any consistent basis, but maintain the right to fact-check to the point of mutual embarrassment.
  • I will engage with comments on an occasional and unpredictable manner, and may add comments that bring in information from or refer to comments on this blog in other fora.
  • I can amend this policy at any point, without necessarily putting the changes into writing, as I consider necessary to encourage respectful dialogue.

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