To My Fellow Liberals and Progressives:


I think we do need to take some time to mourn, and some time to assess the results. What appears to be a popular vote majority does make a statement, even if it doesn’t have any effect on the balance of power in DC.

After a short period of mourning, we must organize and prepare the resistance. However, we cannot allow ourselves to take the route that regressives have taken since 2008 — opposing everything and hoping for failure that will bring them to power.

  • Where proposals are made that are good for America, we must support.
  • Where proposals can be made good for America, we must make them so.
  • Where intolerable proposals are made, we must steadfastly block.
    (The Senate Democrats need to make the filibuster a living thing again — no blue slips, no warning, just vote against cloture, start talking, and don’t stop until yielding the floor to another Democrat who is willing to keep it going.)

One thing that this election has emphasized is the extent to which tinkle-down economics and the shifting economy have left behind large sections of our country. We must do better to help people in those areas, communicate how to help people in those areas, and be seen to be helping people in those areas.

We must develop a strong bench. We must fight and win in states, counties, and cities. We must fight for Greens, and Socialists, and Democrats, whoever will stand up for the oppressed; we must all stand up in alliance for workers, women, people of color, the LGBTQIA community, and religious and ethnic minorities. The Republicans usually are the party to nominate the runner-up for the previous nomination, this time the Democrats did (and hardly anyone noticed that Santorum was even running this year). The Republicans had a wide bench. The Democrats had an inspiring septuagenarian who would be nearly 80 were he to run next time.

We must show in our governance, where our allies govern, that progressive and liberal ideals can succeed. We must point out failures by our own allies, so that our allies can correct them. We must point out failures by our opponents, also so that our allies can correct them.

We must stand, shoulder-to-shoulder, and let the people know that we stand for them. The republic stands for them. This republic, which withstood Buchanan and Nixon, will not fall, but will need to heal. We will prevent it from fracturing as much as we can, and will stand ready to help with healing when it is ready to be healed.


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