I Voted for Her


i-voted-stickerI stand proudly with what I said about my vote on Election Day, and I refuse to believe that we live in a country where most people do not share these underlying views. (In fact, it appears that by the popular vote, a majority share not only the views, but the vote.) I believe that those who voted for her opponent’s electors did so despite, not because of, their candidate.

Despite the inevitable decision by the Electoral College, I will stand for progress and liberal values:

I voted not for her; I voted so my daughter and other girls could would know that girls can grow up to be President.
I voted so my wife, my daughter, girls and women would know that we recognize the reality of sexual assault but do not accept it.
I voted so those still working to find work in our economy know that we will build on, not reject, the progress made in the past eight years.
I voted so those who work to make our economy run know that we stand with them, not the rentiers who live off of them and their labor.
I voted for the huddled masses yearning to be free, so they know that America is still the land of opportunity.
I voted so that those who identify as racial or ethnic minorities know that we judge people on the content of their character, not on the color of their skin.
I voted so those discriminated against for their sexual orientation or gender identity know that we stand with them.
I voted for those facing religious bigots turning their homelands into a hell, so they know that we provide refuge and reject religious intolerance.
I voted so veterans know that the land for which they sacrificed appreciates their contributions.
I voted so those with mental health issues know that we recognize their pain and want to offer solutions.
I voted so those who were on our land before us know that we treasure their sacred land and will fight to protect it.
I voted so those with disabilities know that our country recognizes their value in our society.
I voted so those who live on the coasts, know that we will work to keep their homes on dry land.
I voted so those with polluted air, or poisoned water, know that we are going to work to make their air breathable and water drinkable.
I voted so that she can be our standard bearer for the progress we have made in the past 240 years in our country, and the progress we hope to make in the future.
I voted for her, yes, and for so much more.


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