What Each Myers-Briggs Type Does On Vacation


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Chad SparkesChad Sparkes

ENFP: Wants to dine, live and mingle like the locals in order to have the most authentic experience possible.

ESFJ: Makes sure everyone’s wearing sunscreen and wakes up early each morning to pack the group lunch.

ESFP: Has a whirlwind vacation romance.

INTJ: Selects the optimal hotel, dining and entertainment options by methodically narrowing down a list of possible selections prior to the trip.

ISFP: Sees a great photo op, wanders into a back alley to capture the perfect lighting and gets lost. Rejoins the group three days later.

ESTP: Convinces everyone to go bungee jumping.

ISFJ: Thoughtfully selects souvenirs for loved ones back home and mementos to put in their scrapbook.

ENTP: Somehow learns the local language in less than a week and charms their way into everything for free.

INTP: Embarks on a solitary road trip with…

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