The US Media in a Nutshell


The US Media in a Nutshell: Hypothetical Event: President Obama says to White House aide while in the Rose Garden, within earshot of pool reporter, “The sky sure is blue today.” ABC/CBS/NBC: “Obama claims sky is blue, no comment yet from Republicans.” PBS/NPR: “Obama says the sky is blue, our observations confirm this is correct.” CNN/MSNBC: “President Obama has claimed that the sky is blue. We’ve brought House Speaker John Boehner on for his reaction. Speaker Boehner, what is your response?” Speaker Boehner: “The president is entitled to his opinion, but until Congress has weighed in, his opinion can be overturned by the next president or by act of Congress. We will also be scheduling a vote to repeal Obamacare.” Fox News: “President Obama has claimed that the sky is blue. The federal government has no right to be dictating to us what color the sky is. You know where else the sky was blue, Benghazi!” Liberal Bloggers: “Sure, Mr. President, the sky is blue here, but in China it’s soot grey. And it will be here too, unless you change your corporatist Republican-lite anti-environmental policies.” The Blaze/Glenn Beck/Alex Jones: “THE SKY’S NOT BLUE, IT’S FULL OF CHEMTRAILS, AND IT’S ALL PART OF A GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY TO TAKE AWAY OUR GUNS!” PolitiFact/ “President Obama said the sky is blue. We checked with a senior scientist with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association. He said that while the sky appears blue from a distance, it is actually an effect of the refraction of light on water vapor molecules. Close up, the sky is clear, unless the water vapor is so dense as to create fog. We rate this claim Mostly True.”


One Response to “The US Media in a Nutshell”

  1. Funny thing: Doonesbury had an “Obama says the sky is blue” theme this week, too:

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