Dear President Obama


I got a letter from your campaign yesterday asking for me to help support your re-election campaign, and I am afraid that I cannot at this time.

See, I am one of the under-reported, under-employed. While I am happy to have a job, I look with desperation for the job that will give me some fulfillment and/or pay my bills. Honestly, even though you ask for pretty reasonably sized contributions (I’m on a couple of Republican mailing lists, too, and had to laugh when they offered a chance to win dinner with their candidate for a minimum donation of $50 — in contrast to your $3), I don’t have a penny to spare. I don’t even have the penny before that.

I also can’t afford the time to volunteer. Since I’m employed full-time, my off-time needs to be spent on routine chores and looking to find a second job or a better job.

The thought of a Romney presidency does terrify me. The Republican attitude that if we just deregulate and cut taxes — the same policies that got us into this mess — reminds me of these people:

The Republicans seem to be saying, “sure we crashed this time, but next time, we should go faster and jump off a bigger cliff,” rather than reassessing the fundamentals.

On the other hand, I can’t say I’m too excited about your Presidency, either.

In a time of this intense partisanship, we need someone who recognizes that anything a Democrat proposes will be rejected by the Republicans. Instead, you have given them their own policies, only to have them scream ‘socialism’ in response. To give two examples:

You gave Congress the Gingrich/Romney healthcare plan, and the Republicans have been screaming about socialism ever since.

Your stimulus package consisted of roughly 1/3 block grants (which Republicans claim to love), 1/3 tax cuts (which they also claim to love), and 1/3 direct spending. Your opening position was 2/3 Republican policies, and 1/3 Democratic policies.

Yes, they passed, but with only the barest of Republican support. Would it really have been any different if you had proposed single-payer or the government option for health insurance reform, or if you had proposed a new WPA? I can hardly imagine so.

Your negotiating position has been to propose a compromise and hope that the Republicans jump on it. Perhaps you should open with something actually liberal, in the hope that they come to accept a compromise position when it evolves. If they don’t, they were never going to (just as they haven’t for the past 3 1/2 years).

You still have my vote. I will still go to the polls (well, the ballot drop box, since my county votes entirely by absentee ballot). And I hope that you manage to win.

But I also hope that in your second term you front up and take them on.


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