Suddenly Republicans Respect Sworn Testimony: The NRSC and Richard Carmona


A while back I received an email from the NRSC about Richard Carmona and the allegations that a former staff member has made about him, which I quote from here:

That’s right:  Richard Carmona pounded on his female supervisor’s door at midnight, on two separate occasions,  yelling and screaming at her to the point she felt scared for her family.  And the Left’s reaction?  They are smearing the victim, calling her nasty names and saying she is a liar.  And where is the press?   They claim they will not print a “he said, she said” story.  But it’s really not he said, she said:  the supervisor gave her testimony under oath to the U.S. House of Representatives five years ago.  If she lied, she would be committing a federal crime punishable by prison sentence.  Why would she do that?    Meanwhile, Carmona himself has not even denied her account — he’s standing by as his liberal allies and the media attempt to trash the lady he assaulted.

The simple answer is she told the truth.

This is what we are up against.  The double standards, the liberal bias.

I don’t know the facts of this case, but here are some things I do know:

In 1991, when Anita Hill came forward with sworn Senate testimony (backed-up by polygraph) about Clarence Tomas’s sexual harassment of her, Republicans mocked her, attacked her and called it a “he said, she said” story.

When Sandra Fluke testified in front of the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, the conservative media attacked her personally (and falsely).

So, now, sworn testimony is no longer a “‘he said, she said’ story”. Suddenly it’s not appropriate to attack those who testify against those people and policies you support.

This is what the NRSC is standing for: double standards and conservative bias.

Should these allegations be reported on and investigated? Yes. Perhaps, though, the NRSC should wait to complain about them until Clarence Thomas has left the bench — lest they show themselves to be the very hypocrites they are complaining about.


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